Thursday, November 15, 2018

Treasure Island, by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Treasure Island (c) 1882
by Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is a classic adventure story for many reasons. The plot is fun, the characters are likable (or dislikable) in fun ways, and the adventure, going after buried treasure, is fascinating for all sorts of age groups.

Jim Hawkins is the main good guy, a young man in his early teens, who first meets Billy Bones, a salty old sailor who has a secret. After old Billy Bones dies, Jim and his mother find a treasure map in his sea chest. This begins his adventure, pitting him and the other good guys against the main (and satisfyingly dislikable) bad guy, Long John Silver, and his dastardly minions.

The crew sails off together in the Hispaniola, Jim not knowing at first what John Silver and his minions have planned until he overhears their evil schemes while hiding in an apple barrel. 

Will Jim Hawkins and the other good guys be able to defeat the bad guys, or will the bad guys get them, and steal the treasure as well? Read the book and find out!

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