Sunday, July 2, 2017

Case File 13 Series by J. Scott Savage

The Case File 13 series by J. Scott Savage is a four book middle grade series about a group of three friends, Nick, Angelo, and Carter who find themselves battling an evil Zombie King, a Dr. Frankenstein wannabe, evil twins, and ancient MesoAmerican curses in the four books, Zombie KidMaking the TeamEvil Twins, and Curse of the Mummy's Uncle. My favorite of the series was the first one, Zombie Kid, where Nick turns into... well, from the title you can probably guess, but I won't tell you anyway! There were a few slight errors, typos, etc. but not enough to hurt my enjoyment of the stories. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and heartily recommend them! J. Scott Savage is one of my favorite authors of all time, and the Case File 13 books made me like his writing even more!
Zombie Kid (c) 2013, Making The Team (c) 2015, Evil Twins, (c) 2016, and Curse of the Mummy's Uncle (2016)


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