Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rachel Nunes' Ongoing Struggle Against Plagiarism

Author, Rachel Nunes
I've already written quite a lot, since August 2014 about my friend Rachel Nunes' ongoing struggle to hold a plagiarist accountable for stealing Rachel's book, changing the POV, adding a few sex scenes, and then trying to pass the book off as her own.  Even so, plagiarism is a very serious thing, and I feel like it needs to be mentioned again.  Even though a plagiarist doesn't physically sneak into someone's house and take things, it is still a horrible, dishonest thing to do.  In my opinion, the punishment should be more severe than it already is.  Because plagiarism is considered a civil thing rather than a criminal, Rachel Nunes has to provide the finances to hold the plagiarist accountable.  But other ethical writers and readers can help her, by contributing to her gofundme account that author David Farland encouraged her to set up.  Consider following the link here to help her bring the plagiarist to justice, and hopefully discourage would-be plagiarists who could see, by our solidarity, that we will not tolerate such dishonest and unethical behavior without there being serious consequences.

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