Friday, February 19, 2016

Oquirrh Elementary Literacy Night

February 18th, I was so very lucky to visit Oquirrh Elementary School in Jordan School district to talk about my books, and the important parts of a story.

Oquirrh Elementary put on a great Literacy Night for students and their families on the 18th of February, and I am so glad I was asked to join them.  The evening began with a pizza dinner and veggies, and then the students and their parents listened to an assembly.  Then, students and their parents split up to different classes.  Near the class where I taught, there was a class that was teaching students and their parents Spanish, and there were quite a lot of other interesting classes to choose from!  I'm glad that some of the people chose to come to mine, where I taught about the parts of a story's plot.  I hope they enjoyed it!  Thanks so much to the kids and parents that joined my class, and to the kids who helped out with the little play at the end!  I especially appreciate the boys who were good sports, and were willing to dress up like princesses and evil witches!  They were great!

Thanks especially to Keri Corfield the Literacy/Climate and Cultural Specialist!  She was so helpful, and absolutely great!

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