Monday, October 19, 2015

Against the Odds by Jewel Adams

Against the Odds is a fantastic book by a great writer, Jewel Adams (or J. Adams as she often goes by, on her books).  Check it out, here!

In this story, we follow Raine, a character who has been through a terrible marriage to an unfaithful man, and finally leaves, going to stay with her good friend on her ranch.  Being on the ranch she can clear her head, and get her life in perspective.  But just as she's doing that, she meets Hayden.

Despite her reservations, she finds herself drawn more and more to him.  Having been hurt before, she is reluctant and distrustful, but as she gets to know Hayden, she realizes more and more that he isn't anything like her former spouse.  He's honest, moral, caring, and genuine.  And most especially, he's drawn to her too.  Ooh, goodie!

But things aren't smooth sailing for them, and troubles get thrown at them left and right, threatening to tear them apart.  Can Raine learn to trust him, or are the problems from her past just too great to overcome?

I really enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, clean romance!

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