Friday, April 10, 2015

School Visit and Fairview Museum

I had the fantastic opportunity today of visiting the students of Fairview Elementary to talk about the basics of writing a plot.  I got to Fairview early, so I had a little time to explore the town.  I went to the museum, which is a very decent sized museum for their town, and I was extremely impressed.  Click here, or here to learn more about this fantastic museum!  The centerpiece of the museum is a replica of a real mammoth skeleton that was found not far away from Fairview when Huntington Reservoir was being excavated.  Apparently, about 10,000 years ago, some unlucky mammoth got stuck in a bog, and met his demise.  Poor guy.  What a terrible way to go.  The folks at the museum were very friendly and knowledgable, and I really enjoyed my visit before heading back to the elementary.  At the elementary, the kids were very respectful and helpful, and it was so fun at the end, when some of the kids got into costumes to perform a short play for the other students.

I really appreciate the principal Mr. John Allan, and the staff and teachers at the school as well as the great students for letting me come visit them.  I hope they enjoy reading Felicity, and I hope they learned some good ideas about making fantastic, exciting stories!  

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