Saturday, August 9, 2014

Plagiarism = NOT OKAY

I was shocked and frustrated for a wonderful friend, Rachel Ann Nunes when I learned that her book, A Bid For Love was plagiarized.  At first, she tried to give the accused person the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that the lady was not guilty.  But when the plagiarist refused to send the ARC, and then told inconsistent stories to her and others about the work in question, Rachel began to grow suspicious.  A blogger did the right thing and sent Rachel an ARC of the particular work for her review.  Sadly, it was true that she'd been plagiarized.  You can read about Rachel's nightmare rollercoaster ride over the last few days here.  It's pretty sad, and the plagiarist is brazen to the point of it almost being funny if it wasn't such a terrible situation.  Ethical writers and bloggers need to stand together and support each other.  No honest writer wants her or his work plagiarized!

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